What Are the Top 10 Laptop Brands?

We live in a time where technology is the big part of our lives. It not only makes our lives easier, it became portable and wireless, like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Considering how much our expectation rise everyday it is simple to conclude that everyone are trying to be the best manufacturer on the market. There are so many different brands and manufacturers it is really hard to decide, but today we present you TOP 10 LAPTOP BRANDS IN USA, ranked from 1 – 10 considering ratio of price and quality.

Dell Laptop Brand


This manufacturer has strongest laptop lineups, good warranty and great ratio of price and quality. It is product of U.S and it makes it the best ranked brand on the market. The design is quite original as it has an edge – to – edge screens, black carbon – fiber exterior with blue, red or black lid and it is really light. These laptops have high quality, mother board and modernized software which provides the high speed of work. You can contact tech support by live chat and email. Upgrading does not void your one year warranty.


Apple Laptop Brand


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One of the most recognizable brands in the world, also has high-quality products, great tech support and warranty. Apple has not changed the look of their laptops since 2010 and you are always able to notice it in the crowd. Light-gray aluminum chassis hides the strong software, iWork suite, iMovie and GarageBand. Price is also quite high. Warranty is one year long, you can personally take it to repair or mail your laptop to the company and they will pay for shipping. You are allowed to add RAM and swap out the storage drive because it does not void your warranty.


Lenovo Laptop Logo

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Having the best business laptops in the industry, this manufacturer always tries to keep up with latest and modern features. They are super light and have a new Flex line – every model of laptop folds! Software has most useful apps like SHAREit, REACHit and OneKey recovery tool. Lenovo’s Solution Center allows you to scan your hardware, check your security and performance as well. Price is medium. Warranty depends on the model and it can range from 1 – 3 years. Upgrading is allowed and does not void your warranty, but device should not be damaged in anyway by you.


asus laptop

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Taiwanese company is making laptops with high quality PC components, mother board and RAM quality. Price is affordable and not too high, so if you do not have enough money to buy PC, this is the best alternative because it is suitable for business and gaming. Case is made of plastic, with clean lines with rounded edges. It includes not harmful bloatwares like Line, Netflix, Candy Crush Saga, Flipboard and TripAdvisor which can be pretty useful. Tech support could be contacted by phone and upgrading any piece like RAM or storage drive will void your warranty, unlike the warranty of the most manufacturers on the market.


MSI Laptop

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MSI has slim, light design and some cool features like mechanical keyboards and eye-tracking sensors. It is quite good for gamers as most of MSI gaming laptops has Series Engine, GeForce Experience and XSplit Gamecaster built – in. Menu designs are little complex for use, but it pays off because of how much quality you will get. Tech support is time limited, only 12 hours, but at least you can upgrade RAM and hard drive without voiding your warranty. Price is high, but does fulfill all expectation for a high priced laptop as it could be used as business or gaming laptop.


HP laptop


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This is the one of the leading companies when it comes to laptops or PC’s. Of course, the price is quite high, but their every model is light, thin and fashionable. Not only they look great, they also use the latest software, wide spectrum of features and quad core laptops for gamers in order to help you to have quicker and better access to any program or information you need. Warranty is one year long on all models and they pay all costs of shipping when the device needs to be serviced. You may upgrade your RAM or hard drive as it does not void your warranty.


Acer laptop

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This brand has plastic, black or grey chassis and offers the most inexpensive, but valued laptops on the market. The software provides some advanced features and battery life is pretty good, 8 – 10 hours. Menu design is simple to use. It also is focused on cloud so you can reach you files from anywhere if you have an internet connection. Tech support is old – fashioned way, can be reached by phone. Upgrading RAM or hard drive does not void your warranty, although you device must be not be damaged in anyway.


toshiba laptop

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One of the laptop brands found on the market which gives you good, software and price, ratio. It has brushed, silver, aluminum frame with bold edges. Software include programs like TOSHIBA Service Station, SoftwareUpgrades and Toshiba Accessibility which can be found on their official site. Menu design is simple and neat, easy to use. It is mostly intended for business because of RAM and graphic card. It has one year warranty and upgrading RAM does not void your warranty.


windows laptop

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Microsoft laptops are lightest and thinnest laptops on the market, they have a quite modern look with slightly curved edges. It has features like talking to the virtual assistant, Cortana and Universal apps which can be found in the Windows Store. Battery life is 12 hours +/- 1 depending on how long laptop is used. Overall, considering that Microsoft laptops are not so popular on the market like DELL and APPle, they have nice ratio of price and quality. Unfortunately, upgrading does void the warranty and tech support could be contacted by phone or by email.


samsung laptop

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Although it has a small market, Samsung with blue-black aluminum chassis and a host of helpful utilities is one of the top 10 laptop brands in USA. Samsung offers own settings menu, software updater and recovery tools and elegant menu designs. They are quite expensive, but if you need high-end productivity software, Samsung is the right choice. Tech support could be contacted by phone or mail and upgrading will void one year warranty.

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